Praise for "Unlearning Meditation"

"A creative and Illuminating approach to meditation practice."
--Joseph Goldstein, author of "Insight Meditation"

"A radically illuminating book for practitioners to newly understand their meditation through loving interest in what is actually going on, beyond any instruction or ideal."
--Jack Kornfield, author of "The Wise Heart"

"A wise, practical, and radical book that sheds new and wondrous light on dharma in the West."
--Joan Halifax, author of "Being with Dying"

"Jason Siff is one of the most distinctive and engaging voices of the emerging Buddhist culture in the West."
--Stephen Batchelor, author of "Confession of a Buddhist Atheist"

"Unlearning Meditation" can be ordered through Shambhala or Amazon.

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Jason was interviewed by Vincent Horn, the editor of digital magazine. You may read a transcript of Part One of the interview or download an audio version.
Click on the link above to go to Jason's blog. Recent additions to the blog include extensive comments by a couple of meditators on the book, as well as a new article on "narratives of thinking" as found in meditation teachings.

Review at New York Journal of Books
This is a fairly long, in-depth review of "Unlearning Meditation." It is the most detailed review of the book available.

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"Unlearning Meditation" was recently reviewed by this independent book review magazine and web site.


"Siff encourages us to take a bird’s-eye view of our meditation instructions so that we can see the concepts and beliefs that are embedded within them."

"For experienced meditators, 'unlearning meditation' is about dropping unwanted habits from your current practice and gaining a renewed commitment to sitting."


When we meditate, our minds often want to do something other than the meditation instructions we've been taught. When that happens repeatedly, we may feel frustrated to the point of abandoning meditation altogether. Jason Siff invites us to approach meditation in a new way, one that honors the part of us that doesn't want to do the instructions. He teaches us how to become more tolerant of intense emotions, sleepiness, compelling thoughts, fantasies--the whole array of inner experiences that are usually considered hindrances to meditation. The meditation practice he presents in "Unlearning Meditation" is gentle, flexible, permissive, and honest, and it's been wonderfully effective for opening up meditation for people who thought they could never meditate, as well as for injecting a renewed energy for practice in the lives of seasoned practitioners.

You may read the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Chapter 2: Gentle Intentions.

"Unlearning Meditation" is available at or Shambhala.


Jason Siff is the head teacher for the Skillful Meditation Project. He teaches meditation and leads retreats throughout the United States and in Australia.

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